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Welcome to epic30 Esports

epic30 kicks off on 2nd July. Here is your one stop area for all the relevant tournaments and discord access you need.

In 2018, we massively overhauled our rule sets for each of our respective tournament games, please see this specific page for some of the more generic rules for them, and the expected code of conduct we ask of all our participants.

Discord Access

Server URL - discord.gg/epiclan

To join the channel for your esports tournament, go to the #get-roles channel and click the icon beside each logo for:

  • Rainbow 6 Siege
  • Starcraft 2
  • Rocket League
  • CS:GO

Signups are now available for the main esports tournaments at epic30:

Fun Tournaments for epic30 are now open for signups:

Please note that you may only sign up to one of the main prize tournaments. You cannot enter a fun tournament if you have active placement in a main prize tournament. If you have been knocked out of the prize tournament before signups close for a fun tournament, you may be able to take part in a fun tournament at the discretion of the admins.

Note that you will need a participant ticket to epic30 before you can sign up for your tournament.