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You can only enter a fun tournament is you are not participating in any other scheduled tournament. If you have been eliminated from your prize tournament prior to the start of this fun tournament you may be able to participate - please check with the admin.

  • You must have registered on the tournament site 10 minutes before the competition starts
  • We'll be doing an elimination bracket on a 1v1 basis; pairings will be arranged by admin team.
  • Admins decisions are final.


From Stepmania start menu choose:

  • Start Game
  • VERSUS (2 players versus)

Songs must be chosen from

  • SPEARSMIX GALAXY for qualifying stages
  • Players must choose a song within 30 seconds. Players cannot choose the same song they have chosen before in this stage.
  • Player 1 chooses a song
  • Player 2 chooses a song
  • The total scores are added together to award winner who moves on

Final stage will be a best of 3 from

  • Each player chooses a track for 1st and 2nd
  • If a final song is required, reech or admin will choose.