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Street Fighter

Fun Tournament:
epic24, UK :: Gallery
Games will start from 4pm on Friday
You can only enter a fun tournament if you are not participating in any other scheduled tournaments, or you have been eliminated from your prize tournament prior to the start of the fun tournament.
You may have survived Cinedouken! but nothing has prepared you for Streetfighter 30th Anniversary: SFIII Third Strike at epic24.  Aiming to capture some of the glorious scenes of carnage from epic23, we'll be revisiting a game from the storied history of Streetfighter's history, to see who can come out on top - with our without those cheap, cheap Vega moves.  Okay?
Participants must be present in the Gallery 10 minutes before the scheduled start time for briefing
Join epicLAN Discord at discord.gg/epiclan and be in the #epic24-funtournaments channel to keep up to date with the event!