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Code of Conduct

v1.0 (Author - Winbar)
By entering myself or a team into the epic.LAN event tournament, I agree to the following code of conduct which applies to both myself as an individual and also to the team as a whole.

epic.LAN aims to provide a professionally operated tournament series and in return we expect that, while teams are at an event to enjoy themselves, they conduct themselves in the same professional way that would be expected of the event and tournament teams. We do not expect individuals or teams to behave in a way which causes any other paying participant to not enjoy their time at an epic.LAN event, such behaviour may include (but not limited to):

Should any of the above conditions be contravened, epic.LAN will take a zero tolerance approach and therefore reserves the right to undertake any of the following actions:

We understand that people want to enjoy themselves, and we encourage that, and have had very few incidents in our long history, we want to keep the events that way. We expect team leaders to operate their teams in a responsible way, and any early warnings of any of the above guidelines being breached will initially be discussed with the clan leader to resolve.