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Tournament Format

In the run up to epic25, there has been a decision made where we would work with various communities and eradicate any issues around tournament formats, and give them ample time ahead of LAN to understand the formats we put in place at epic.LAN.

The ethos of all tournament formats is to give all customers a sense of "value for money" when entering an epic.LAN event and most importantly making sure it is balanced and fair for all involved.

Some tournaments may differ in terms of formats, and whilst epic.LAN does not tie their admins hands to these formats, we deem all of these sensible for epic.LAN events going forward.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Rainbow Six: Siege

Rocket League


All tournaments if breaching 12 - 16 teams/players will have an intermediate tournament if the community requests it, these intermediate tournaments may get prized if epic.LAN deems it worthy or has budget to do so.

Please note, that some of these formats may change on the day of the event depending on odd signups, or opinions voiced by the community at the event who may have better ideas. However, any changes will be made and communicated through the team leader/player briefings.