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Tournament Director

Tom “Gumpster” Gumbleton

Tournament Admins



This ruleset has been created as a guideline list of rules to enable epic.LAN to feature Magic: The Gathering Arena at epic29. We’re wanting to gain players of all skill levels, but want to encourage entry level players to join in to support and grow the game. The game is new to us, so we’ve applied some of the common rules and information from other tournaments, as well as making sure we comply with the Community Tournament Guidelines from Wizards.

Note that you can only take part in one esports tournament at the event; you may be able to take part in Fun Tournaments if you have been eliminated from your esports tournament.


Players will need a BYOC ticket to the 4 day epic.LAN event; entry to the Magic: The Gathering Arena tournament is free.

You must signup to the tournament and confirm your deck by 10pm on Thursday 20th February.

You chosen deck should be submitted to your admins via the epic.LAN discord through a PM while at the event.

The client will need to be installed on your BYOC computer ready for the event. We encourage you to ensure that the client is up to date before you attend the event; we will cache where possible.

Communication with the admins must be done through the epic.LAN discord channel.

Tournament Format

Battle mode 1v1 – Best of 3 Swiss Format

Depending on time constraints the series limits may get altered by the tournament admins.

Players challenge via the Direct Challenge ID

The game will be played on the currently patched version of Magic: The Gathering

Decks and Restrictions

Cards in the standard rotation (as of the tournament submission time of 10pm on Thursday 20th February)

Your deck must be at least 60 cards. Up to fifteen cards may be included in your sideboard, if you use one. Include no more than four copies of any individual card in your main deck and sideboard combined (except basic lands).


Players will be matched in the epic.LAN tournament system, a time for the matches will be displayed there.

Players will list their MTG Direct Challenge Play ID in the Discord channel

Players should start their game at the time scheduled by using Direct Challenge (remember: BOTH PLAYERS must issue the challenge; there’s no invite or confirmation!)

At the end of the match, a screenshot should be taken before the final damage-dealing attack\effect.

Both players must take a screenshot of the victory and loss screen and submit all screesnshots to the admins via Discord channel.

The admins decisions are final.

In game chat

No excessive chatting is allowed in the game. If the need to chat occurs the players must be straight to the point and polite. Ideally the only chat in each game will be at startup and when a player surrenders the game.

No chat is ever permitted from a player to an outside party during a tournament match, or from an outside party to the player, unless the outside party is an administrator.

Draws & Stalemates

If a player deliberately plays for a stalemate, administrators hold the right to decide the outcome of the game

If there is a natural tie the game will be replayed.


Should a player be late (15 minutes) for the start of a tournament match, the player will forfeit the first game of the match.

Should the player be more than 30 minutes late for the start of a tournament match, the player will forfeit the whole match.

The players are allowed a 5 minute break between the games in a tournament match.

Administrators reserve the right to change these timings if circumstances require it.

Players must not start a match before schedule time without admin permission.

Disconnects & Crashes

If a game is interrupted by a computer, network or software failure the game will be resumed if possible. If there are issues with restarting the game, the admin will decide on the outcome; directing a result, rescheduling or restarting the match.

These rules are subject to change. The game admin and tournament team leader decisions are always final.

Last Update - January 2020