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Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Gunfight Rules

If you are taking part in an esports tournament at epic30, you may not participate in Fun Tournaments. if you have any queries about this, please contact your tournament administrator.


Signups close on Saturday 4th July at 11:00 BST.

Games will start on Saturday 4th July at 16:00 BST.


This tournament is cross-platform meaning that PC, PS4 & Xbox One players are all able to compete. Both Controller and Keyboard/Mouse are permitted.

Game Session Setup

The Admin will host the game session, the Admin/Host must select:
Multiplayer - Private Match - Custom Games - Game Setup - Game Mode - Gunfight - Map - Change map to the map specified for that round.

The Admin will then invite a player from each team to the lobby (players should then invite the remainder of their team). Once both teams are in the lobby, one team must choose Allegiance and the other team must choose Coalition, whilst the host and spectators will choose Codcaster.

Username Needed: Activision ID - share on the #ft-codmwgf channel on the epic.LAN Discord server. YOu can find your Activision ID by going into the game and then into Options > Account > Activision Account from there you will see your Activision ID.


- Best of 1 All Rounds. Finals are Best of 3.

- 2v2

- Single Elimination

Gunfight Maps

32 Teams - Round 1

Map - Atrium

16 Teams - Round 2

Map - King

8 Teams - Quarter-Finals

Map - Shipment

4 Teams - Semi-Finals

Map - Hill

2 Teams - Finals

Map One - Stack
Map Two - Pine
Map Three - Gulag Showers


Please note: Prizes can only be shipped to a UK mainland address or be collected at epic31 in October. Please see the Prizes tab for a full breakdown on Prizes.

Help and Questions

Please feel free to contact the Community Team within the #ft-codmwgf channel on the epic.LAN Discord server.