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Valorant 5v5 Rules

This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or VALORANT Esports.

These are the rules for the Fun Tournament and are not exhaustive.

The game releases on 2nd June, so as we learn more of what's changed, these rules may change up to the close of signups on Saturday 4th July 2020.

If you are taking part in an esports tournament at epic30, you may not participate in Fun Tournaments. if you have any queries about this, please contact your tournament administrator.


Signups close on Saturday 4th July at 11:00 BST.

Games will start on Saturday 4th July at 12:00 BST.

Game Session Setup

The Admin will host the match by going to Play - Custom Game. The Admin should then change it to "Close" and select the correct map for that round, see the Valorant Maps.

The ADMIN should move to Observer and then invite a player from each team to the lobby using the users' Riot ID (players should then invite the remainder of their team) and change the Game Settings to match the settings below:

Game Settings

- Mode - Standard
- Cheats - Off
- Show Blood - Off

How To Win

The first team to win 13 rounds will win the map and progress onto the next round of the tournament.

Valorant Maps

32 Teams - Round 1

Map - Split

16 Teams - Round 2

Map - Haven

8 Teams - Quarter-Finals

Map - Bind

4 Teams - Semi-Finals

Map - Ascent

2 Teams - Finals

Map - Haven

Help and Questions

Please feel free to contact the Community Team within the #ft-valorant channel on the epic.LAN Discord server.