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If you are taking part in an esports tournament at epic31, you may not participate in Fun Tournaments. However, since this is going to be a single map, providing you have no other matches scheduled you may be able to sign up and participate in the PUBG Fun Tournament - however, the game WILL start at the published time regardless of your readiness! Please confirm with your tournament administrator first, who will then check with Beej and Reech.


Signups close on Sunday 28th February at 16:40 

Games will start on Sunday 28th February at 17:05
(Be ready at 16:50)

The game lobby will open at 16:55 and the the first game WILL START ten minutes after this. (at approx 17:05)  Second game will start 5 minutes after the end of the first one.


The map will be SANHOK.


There will be 2 battles.

The first battle will be WARM UP - the second battle is for THE PRIZES!

Squads of up to 4 players will participate.

Game Settings

The ruleset will be Normal Mode \ Default Settings (same as in Public servers)

The game will be played in FPP mode

The winning positions are as listed on the final scoreboard.

As always - we'll be monitoring for squads co-operating. If this is suspected by the tournament admins, then the positions of cooperating squads will be removed.

The game to join is epic32 and password is: TBC - please keep in contact in Discord, and on the #ft-pubg channel

Help and Questions

Please feel free to contact the Community Team within the #ft-pubg channel on the epic.LAN Discord server.