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epic32 Tekken 7

Ready for some 1 on 1 pounding action?  The King of the Iron Fist tournament returns to epic.LAN as we venture into Season 4 of Tekken 7, with more characters than ever before and some smooth, smooth combat moves.

Whether you're a stubborn Paul, a quick Julia or the abomination that is Panda, you're going to enjoy participants of all skill levels competing for the crown at epic32.

You cannot enter a fun tournament at epic32 if you are participating in an esports tournament. If you have any queries, please contact your esports tournament admin.

Signups close: Friday 26th February at 16:00 - if you're not on tourament system at that time, you're not in.
Gathering in #FT-Tekken7 channel: Friday 26th February from 15:50
Matches start at 16:00 - if you're not there, you're out!

Admins: Beank, Reech