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Please note that if you are participating in a prize tournament you cannot take part in a fun tournament. If you have been eliminated, you may be able to join in - please check with reech or a member of the esports admin team.

All players taking part MUST be entered on the epic.LAN tournament system before 16:00 on Friday 26 February . If people miss the tournament sign up, they can only be added on at the discretion of the admin. (Total number of players permitting)

The qualifying rounds will take place from 17:00 on Friday 26 February.  We'll be doing best of 3 battles with maximum time allowed in rounds.

Tekken 7 will be played on the PC

We have worked out a way to have people who DON'T OWN THE GAME play via Remote Play - please bear with us with this, and it might mean that some matches are played on Saturday or Sunday to finish off.

Each battle is comprised of three rounds. We'll then play Best of 3 battles to decide the person who will move on in bracket.

Depending on number of contestants, the finals will take place following the qualfiier rounds OR they will take place on Sunday Afternoon.

Game Modes and settings will be published before the event.