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Signups close: 20:00 Thursday 24 Feburary 2022
Gathering in Lakeside at 21:00
Matches start from 21:10 - if you're not there, you'll be able to join into later games, but you're not going to score as much!

Please note that if you are participating in an esports tournament you cannot take part in a fun tournament. If you have been eliminated, you may be able to join in - please check with reech or a member of the esports admin team before you sign up!

Please note - the rules below have been used at EPIC34 - there may be some changes on number of games, types, etc. We'll confirm the final ruleset on here before we start the games!

The Tournament will be decided by way of a Leadboard, comprising of 4 games.  We'll be running the games in CUSTOM GAME MODE so it'll be just EPIC35 attendees in there - including the hosts - so we can see the games and join in.

The first 2 custom games will be 'Gauntlet Showdown' mode, there will then be a 5 minute break, then we'll do 2 'Slime Survivor' rounds.

Whenever you are eliminated you must report your position in the #ft-fallguys channel in the format epiclan username \ fallguy name \ round you went out in:  (i.e. reech \ SecondGigglingHonker \ game1 \  eliminated round 3 or reech \ secondgigglinghonker \ g2 \ won game round 5)


Competitors will assemble in the FT-FallGuys voice channel for a briefing at 14:15 on Saturday 30th October, and the code for game to join will be revealed shortly after.  Please note that if you are not in channel by the time games start, you will be eliminated OR you will only be able to join in later games, and receive the points penalty.

As you are eliminated in each game, SCREENSHOT your finishing screen (press F12 in steam - or check your steam settings!) - this is just for a check

Then, post your epiclan name, fall guy name, game number \ elimination round in the channel #ft-fallguys (so for example reech \ SecondGigglingHonker \ game 2 \  eliminated in round 3 or reech\ SecondGigglingHonker \ game 3 \ won crown.

DON'T TYPE IN THINGS NOT RELATED TO SCORING IN THE CHANNEL, OR REACT TO OTHER MESSAGES IN CHANNEL - we're live recording and then updating from in there, so we need to keep an eye on things.  Confuse us, and receive PUNISHMENT!

You don't need to post your screenshot; the admins will ask for random samples of these as necessary.  If you can't produce them before scores are finalised at the end of the tournament, you will receive 0 for that game.


R1 0
R2 1
R3 2
R4 4
R5 6
R6 8
R5 + Crown 8
R6 + Crown 10

**If there are shorter rounds when the game finishes, the winner gets +2 points on the round (i.e. R4=4+2 with crown)
Winning Crown under round 4 will result in 5 points total.


Community Team will record the scores, and confirm shortly after last game the final standings.  

Tie break

In the event of a tie of up to 4 contestants, a final SUDDEN DEATH game will take place, to help place the top 3 finalists