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EPIC35 Super Smash Bros Ultimate

It's back to cause horror and humour in equal measures, because we all know you like to SMASH!

EPIC.LAN's Fun Tournament for EPIC35 is open for all to jump in to - whether you're highly skilled or are just in to button mash, come long and jump into some games, and see what you can achieve.  Hell, even reech has been able to take out a few players in the past, even though it doesn't count...

Oh - and any Jigglypuff players?  See me later, you're very bad people.

Admins: Beank, Reech

bqlogobe quiet! are sponsoring the fun tournament, and have contributed some excellent permium prizes - and a fantastic beanie to rival various foot coverings...

Signups close: Friday 25th February at 15:00 - if you're not on tournament system at that time, you're not in.
Gathering: Arena, by the Couch Games \ Dance Mat area on Friday 25th February at 15:45
Matches start from 16:00 on Friday 25th February - you need to remain nearby so you do not miss your match - we'll give a short time if people have nipped off to loo, but no more than 5 minutes can we delay a match.

Please note that if you are participating in an esports tournament you cannot take part in a fun tournament. If you have been eliminated, you may be able to join in - please check with reech or a member of the esports admin team before you sign up!