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EPIC40 Counter-Strike 2 | IEMc

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  • Finn "Mischief" Farrer - Lead Admin
  • Joseph "JJC" Convey

If you require any help relating to Counter-Strike Intel EPIC Masters Cup, our tournament admins can be found in the arena admin area next to the help desk or via our Discord. Keep note of your seat number whilst at the event as admins may ask for it.


Prize Pool

  • £2,000 - £5,000

Prize pool and distribution is subject to team numbers and may be affected by tournament sponsorship.



Fantasy for EPIC40 is TBA. The team Fantasy fun event that anyone in or outside of the LAN can participate in, when announced, you'll be able to form your team on the sheets and forms linked below within a certain budget, and watch their progress throughout the tournament to see how they do with a bespoke points system.



Further information on the venue can be found here.

This tournament takes place at the location above on the following days:

  • Friday October 27th
  • Saturday October 28th
  • Sunday October 29th



  • You require a ticket for EPIC40 to take part in this event.
  • You must be aged 16+ to take part in our esports tournaments.

Find out more about our general rules here.


Tournament Information

Full tournament format and schedule will be announced closer to the event.

  • Team Limit | 48*
  • Twitch Stream | Twitch.tv/EPICLAN1
  • Demos will be available after each game day

Don't forget to join the EPIC.LAN Discord; you'll be given access to the EPIC40 CS section on the week the event starts. All the important information about your matches will be on our Discord server.

*Team limit may be increased depending on known activity and participation. However, this is not a guarantee.