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You can only enter a fun tournament is you are not participating in any other scheduled tournament. If you have been eliminated from your prize tournament prior to the start of this fun tournament you may be able to participate - please check with the admin.

You MUST be signed up for this fun tournament before midday on Friday - you may not be able to join after this time.

Qualifying blocks will take place on Friday after from 3pm to 5:30pm- we'll schedule these after everyone's signed up.

We are going to attempt to give a 30 minute window from 2:30pm to 3pm where people can configure button mapping. Please note, we are aiming to accommodate this ahead of time to see how feasible it is.

You will be using the Gamecube Controllers and a Gamecube Converter

During the qualifying stages, you'll play an observed match against your opponent in the Lakeside.

Semi Finals and then Finals will take place in the Gallery on Saturday from 4pm


Qualifying Rounds:

Players take their seats. The rule set should be preselected and 3v3 should have already been chosen. (A player is able to select these controls without affecting the battle if players are confused)

Contestants then select their 3 characters: And then choose “Ready to Fight”

The 2 stages are already chosen at random: Each stage has the exact same layout other than music and artwork.

Players then choose the order in which they want their characters to fight. In secret to their opponent.

Once selected it shows the decisions made, and pressing A will start the fight.

Once a contestant has lost all 3 of their characters that player loses.

This will be BEST OF 3

The top players will then go through to a semi-final \ finals session on Saturday.

Semi Finals will be 3v3 team mode, best of 3.

Finals will be a 5v5 team mode, best of 3

Game Mode The game mode settings should be set up in advance as as 'epic' settings

Game Mode: Squad Strike Qualifiers: 3 Vs 3 Final: 5 vs 5

Style : Stock

Format : Tag Team

Time Limit Infinite

FS: Meter Off

Spirits: Off

Cpu Lvl: N/A

Damage Handicap: Off

Stage Selection: Battlefield & Omega Stages

Items: No Items

Random Stage Selection : The stage will change every minute, but only into the Battlefield and Omega forms. There are still 'fall off the side' hazards, but no stage distractions! The admins should program this mode in first!

Advanced Rules

Stage Morph: Every 1:00

Stage Hazards: Off

Launch Rate: 1.0x

Underdog: Off

Pausing: On

Score Display: Off

Show Damage: Yes