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You can only enter a fun tournament is you are not participating in any other scheduled tournament. If you have been eliminated from your prize tournament prior to the start of this fun tournament you may be able to participate - please check with the admin.

Please confirm your SUMMONER NAME and your epic.LAN username (i.e. reech \ Summoner-reech)in the #ft-TFT channel that.

You should also log into the epic.LAN site and tournament system and go here: https://tournaments.epiclan.co.uk/account/guids to enter your summoner name against your tournament entry.

Server/Host Settings

Server: EUW Host: The host will be decided on the day of the tournament and will be one of the participants within the tournament Game Mode: Teamfight Tactics Size: 8 Players FFA Format: Best of 1.

How to Win

All Rounds Prior to Finals - In the non-final rounds, the Top 4 players from each group (if more than one) will advance to the next round or final depending on sign-ups.

Please could all competitors take screenshot of final standing in their matches, so scores can be reported back.

Once match has completed, seek a member of the community team and post the screenshot and top 4 placements for your match in the #ft-TFT channel for recording purposes.


Finals will take place on (TBC)