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  • Lewis "Duckbot" Sinclair
  • Ryan "RyRy" Chapman
  • TBA

Prize Pool:

£700 - £3,000 subject to team numbers


Online - UK (UK Servers) - Players must be living in Europe, please see the Rules under Player Eligibility for more details. Servers will be located within the UK, all games must be played on EPIC.LAN servers, no provision will be made for non-UK locations.


You require a ticket for EPIC33 to take part in this event. Online tickets are £15 per person which includes access to the tournament and all of our other activities in the 4-day gaming event. Note that there is a very limited LAN option which is available as part of our pilot return to live events, you do not have to attend the LAN to enter this tournament. 

Format: Groups to Double Elimination

Schedule (All times British Summer Time):

Friday 2 July:

  • Round 1 - 11:00
  • Round 2 - 12:00
  • Round 3 - 13:00
  • Round 4 - 14:00
  • Round 5 - 15:00

Double Elim Starts (Top 24 teams continue into Double Elimination):

  • Upper Bracket Ro16 - 18:00
  • UB QF & LB Round 1 - 21:00

Saturday 3 July:

Double Elim Continues:

  • LB Round 2 - 10:00
  • LB QFs & UB SFs - 13:00
  • LB Round 4 - 16:00
  • LB SFs & UB Final - 19:00
  • LB Round 6 - 22:00

Sunday 4 July:
Double Elim Continues:

  • LB Final - 10:00
  • Grand Final - 13:00

This is a ROUGH schedule and won't be finalised until we know how many teams are participating. This is to give you an idea of when matches are.

Limit: 48 teams

Plugin: epic.LAN CS:GO Plugin

Anticheat: Server-Side (no client install required)

Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/epiclan1

Join the epic.LAN Discord (discord.gg/epicLAN) - you'll be given access to the epic33CSGO section on the week the event starts. All important information about your matches will be on our Discord server.