Overclockers UK



EPIC35 Starcraft 2


  • Lewis "Duckbot" Sinclair
  • Bradley "Bollard" Pollard

Prize Pool:

£250 - £1,500 (subject to player numbers)


Kettering Conference Centre, UK


You require a ticket for EPIC35 to take part in this event. 

Start Date:

Friday 25 February - Start Time: 11:00 GMT

End Date:

Saturday 26 February - 21:00 GMT

Format: Groups to Double Elimination (Please see Tournament Format page for other possibilities)

Limit: 48 players

Schedule: Click Here for detailed schedule.

Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/epiclan3

Join the EPIC.LAN Discord (discord.gg/epicLAN) - you'll be given access to the EPIC35SC2 section on the week the event starts. All important information about your matches is going to be on our Discord server.