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  •  "Snoozles"

If you require any help relating to Boardgames, our tournament admins can be found in the arena admin area next to the help desk or via our Discord. Keep note of your seat number whilst at the event as admins may ask for it.



Signups & Restrictions

  • You require a ticket for EPIC41 to take part in this event.
  • Competitors participating in any of the EPIC41 esports tournaments are ineligible to participate in this fun tournament. 
    Find out more about our general rules here.



Tournament Rules

  • This tournament consists of 3 stages. Each stage will feature one game and will reduce the number of people until 4 people are left to proceed to the stage final.
  • Games will not be announced until the beginning of the respective round.
  • Players taking part in the individual games of stage 1 will be randomly nominated.
  • All players are taking part as individuals, NOT teams.
  • Players must ensure they are available at the allotted time slots - on time - for all three stages, as per the event timetable.