Overclockers UK





Prize Range

£250 - £1,000


Prize Distribution

Players Total Pool (£) 1st (£) 2nd (£) 3rd (£) 4th (£) 5-8th (£)
4 - 15 250 200 50 n/a n/a n/a
16 - 23 500 300 100 75 25 n/a
24 - 31 750 400 200 100 50 n/a
32 Capped 1,000 450 225 125 100 25


Prize Payment

Prize money payment will be initiated by BACS or PayPal within 7 working days after receiving one set of accurate payment details from the team leader or manager. The team leader is then responsible for the fair distribution amongst the team. Team Leaders will be given the prize form to fill in, and they have 30 days from the day it is given to claim prize money. Any prize money not claimed after 30 days will then be given to a charity of EPIC.LAN's chosing.

The 7 working day window has been introduced to the event payment schedule to allow for any conflicts to be raised and resolved before payments are issued. 

Non-UK Teams

Non-UK transfers may take longer to initiate due to the additional information required, however they will be processed as soon as we are given the full details required for transfer. Non-UK teams will be paid by PayPal only. 


Any team that forfeits at any stage of the tournament will immediately lose any prize money they have earned to that point. The prize money that the team won will be given to a charitable cause instead of being redistributed.