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epic31 Pokemon Go

Do you wanna be the very best, like no one ever was?

Well - you can be. Open to all attendees (providing you're not active in an esports tournment) and with a bar of entry so low it's unbelieveable (seriously, just play it) we're going to live out your Pokemon League fantasies and get you to participate in the epiHoHo League.

A leftfield idea, for a bit of fun, so join us in our first ever Pokemon Go tournament!

Admins: Skurli (Jessie!) and Reech (James!)

Signups close: Friday 9th October at 12midday - if you're not on tourament system at that time, you're not in.
Gathering in #FT-Pokemon channel: Friday 9th October, from 12:50
Matches start promptly at 13:00 - if you're not there, you're out!