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If you are taking part in an esports tournament at epic31, you may not participate in Fun Tournaments. if you have any queries about this, please contact your tournament administrator.

When: During epic31 - will run from Friday, with finals on Sunday, time TBC

Tournament Rules Due to Covid friendship level requirements and distance have been lifted so users can battle anywhere, any distance and at any friendship level!

Which Pokemon can I use? Well, you may have a huge menagerie of powerful Pokedudes that you can use, but only ones caught and raised during the event will be able to be used in the competition - from Thursday 8th October through to the end of the event. You'll need to provide evidence of capture during the event times by posting pictures of the pokemon (pokemons? pokemens?) that you'll be using in the #ft-pokeballs channel. (NB: Community team is thinking more about this, and will confirm before the event starts; we don't want to give some an unfair advantage so people can deliberate build a killer stack, so we may ask for you to post proof that the pokemon was captured during event time AFTER your match, and disqualify you if you can't produce evidence!)

However, if you have a Big Boi that you're proud of an want to show off, we will be offering an ULTIMATE BATTLE as part of the finals on Sunday, so that you can show just how much you can wipe the floor with the hard work you've put into your pocket monster.

How will it work? We'll close tournament signups after the event has begun, but before the matches start (of course - Time TBC) - and we'll then set up a bracket for people to compete, and communicate through the #ft-pokemon channel to arrange matches and report on results. You'll need to be friended to people you are matched up with.

Battle Structure Matches will take place as 1v1 Great League battles (It's the lowest battle type, means majority of players will be able to compete and won't get obliterated by high level Pokemon as CP is capped at 1500.)

Matches will be best of 5 in that 1v1 format.

You will be able to choose different pokemon in your battles OR you can stick with the just the same party.

People will move onto next bracket if there are multiples - and the top 2 players will go into the Sunday finals (Time TBC)

How to add a friend, and start a 1v1 match

How to add a Friend Select your avatar in the bottom left hand corner Select Friends Select Add Friends Either give your opponent your Trainer Code or Enter their Trainer Code once given Accept Friend Request - YAY YOU'RE FRIENDS NOW!!!

How to play your match First users will need to add each other using their Trainer ID Code (Steps Above) Once this is done find that user on your friends list - Select their name Select Battle - Select Great League Select "Let's Battle" Choose your party of 3 pokemon you wish to fight with then select "Use this Party" The opponent will then receive a notification in game telling them to accept the invite to battle, they can then choose the Pokemon they wish to fight with Once both players are ready it will place them into the battle First to knock out all 3 of the other players Pokemon will win! Report back on the results of the Bo5 matches in the #ft-pokemon channel