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Official Beacon Event

Valorant Rules

For more information on the rules that apply to every single EPIC.LAN Tournament, please read our General Rules section.

League Operations

  • Tom "Gumpster" Gumbleton - League Ops Manager
  • Lisa "Skurli" MacLean - League Ops Team Leader
  • Lewis "Duckbot" Sinclair - Lead Admin
  • Connor "Chimpy" Coombs - Admin
  • Will "Will" Dyer - Admin


Signups will close on Thursday 6 July at 16:00 BST to allow for seeding and group scheduling. 

Games will start on Friday 7 July at 11:00 BST.

Beacon Eligibility & Rules

Note that the requirements to earn Beacon circuit points may vary slightly to our normal tournament rules. If your team does not meet the criteria for these rules you may still be able to enter the BYOC tournament but not earn Beacon circuit points for your placement. 

  • All players must be aged 16+ to play
  • The team must consist of at least 3/5 players residing in either Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. 
  • Multiple team orgs - rule TBC shortly
  • Teams consisting of players competing in VCT or VRL tournaments will not be eligible to receive Beacon circuit points. 

Tournament Format

Tournament Formats for various scenarios can be found on our dedicated Tournament Format Page. Note that the final format for this tournament will be selected once all teams have signed up by the deadline.


The tournament schedule will be released as soon as the matches have been seeded. Players must join the EPIC.LAN Discord server for schedule updates.

Game Session Setup

Broadcasted Matches

An observer will contact teams in the event that their match will be streamed and they will set up all matches that are selected to be streamed live on the epicLAN2 Twitch channel.

Teams will be notified prior to a match starting as to whether or not their match has been scheduled to be broadcast on stream via the EPIC.LAN Discord server in the relevant Valorant channel. An Observer will invite a player from each team into the lobby, that member should then invite their teammates to join.

Non-Broadcasted Matches

The higher seeded team will host the game session and set up the lobby. To host the game session the hosting player must carry out the following steps/settings:

- The host must first open Valorant
- Once the game has loaded, select "Play"
- Then select "Custom Game"

The host should then change the Party Status to "Closed" and select the correct map that was chosen in the map veto process (refer to your match vetoes).

The host should then invite their own teammates and at least 1 member of the opposing team to the lobby.

The hosting player should apply the following game settings:

Mode: Standard
Server: London
Allow Cheats: Off
Tournament Mode: On
Overtime - Win By Two: On
Play Out All Rounds: Off
Hide Match History: Off
Show Blood: Off

If both teams formally agree to play on another server then they are allowed to do so. This must be done through the relevant Discord channel and an admin must be present to validate the decision.

Lobby Issues

All players must join the lobby within 15 minutes after the map veto process has concluded. The host of the lobby can then start the match once all 10 players have joined the lobby and are on the correct side (attackers/defenders) for their team. Players do not necessarily need to indicate "ready" in order to start the match.

Any team that is not ready should be reported immediately to an admin on the EPIC.LAN Discord Server through protest.

If a team has less than 4 players in the lobby 15 minutes after the map veto process has concluded: that team will be forfeit the map and the opposing team will be awarded the win for that map.

If a team only has 4 players present in the lobby 15 minutes after the map veto process has concluded: the match will begin without waiting for the 5th.

Delays by both teams will result in the whole match being forfeited and both teams being disqualified from the tournament (which may result in loss of attained prize money).

Substitute Players

Substitute players may only be used if they have previously signed up to the tournament and therefore are listed as a member of the team. The player cannot be a participant in any other tournaments at EPIC.LAN or transfer from another team. Substitutes must have a valid event ticket to take part.

Substitutes are only allowed to be made before the match starts.


If a controversial situation occurs, whether or not it is described in this rule during a match, the team that has spotted it should capture evidence if possible and immediately stop the match and inform the admins via the tournament system.

If the team does not stop the match and continues to play until the maps conclusion, this will be taken as an acceptance of the situation. If the map is played in full both teams will lose all rights to file a protest concerning that situation after the game has ended. Protests must be made immediately, or they may be ignored depending on the circumstances.

Protests can be created via the match page on the EPIC.LAN website.

No Shows

Teams should immediately report any No-Shows via the Valorant channel in the EPIC.LAN Discord server in the event that a team fails to show up after 15 minutes in the following situations:

- If a team fails to carry our their turn in the map veto process
- If 1 or more players have not joined the game lobby within 15 minutes from the map veto process
- If the hosting team does not start the match within 15 minutes from the map veto process

The countdown for each match starts from the scheduled time of the match unless the previous match has been delayed.


Following Agents are allowed:

  • All current Agents are allowed

Map Pool

  • Fracture
  • Breeze
  • Icebox
  • Bind
  • Haven
  • Split
  • Ascent

Map Vetoes and Side Select

All map bans will be done through the in-game chat feature. Teams are responsible for taking screenshots of the map picks/bans process in case of dispute.

Please note, if seedings are not shown, then “Higher Seed” should be replaced with “Home Team” (i.e. the left-hand team on the match page). The Higher Seeded team gets to chose to act as either Team A or Team B in the following veto process:

Group Stage: Map Veto BO1

The map veto process is as follows:

Team A: Bans 1 map
Team B: Bans 1 map
Team A: Bans 1 map
Team B: Bans 1 map
Team A: Bans 1 map
Team B: Bans 1 map
Map: The remaining map is the map that will be played
Team A: Picks map side selection

Double Elimination: Map Veto BO3

The higher seeded team will choose to act as Team A or Team B during the veto process.

The map veto process is as follows:

Team A: Bans 1 map
Team B: Bans 1 map
Team A: Picks map 1
Team B: Picks map 1 side selection
Team B: Picks map 2
Team A: Picks map 2 side selection
Team A: Bans 1 map
Team B: Bans 1 map
Map 3: The remaining map becomes map 3 if needed
Team A: Picks map 3 side selection

Map Veto BO5 (incase we use it)

The team coming from the upper bracket will choose to act as Team A or Team B during the veto process.

The map veto process is as follows:

Team A: Bans 1 map
Team B: Bans 1 map
Team A: Picks map 1
Team B: Picks map 1 side selection
Team B: Picks map 2
Team A: Picks map 2 side selection
Team A: Picks map 3
Team B: Picks map 3 side selection
Team B: Picks map 4
Team A: Picks map 4 side selection
Map 5: The remaining map becomes map 5 if needed
Team B: Picks map 5 side selection

Tactical & Technical Pauses

Pauses will be enabled. Pauses can only be used during the prep/buy phase.

Technical Pauses

- The player must announce the reason before or immediately after they have called the tech pause.
- If you need to take a technical pause you should write the following in-game: [Team Name] Tech
- Each team has a max of (10) ten minutes per map.

Tactical Pauses

If you need to take a tactical pause you should write the following in-game: [Team Name] Tac
- Each team has two (2) thirty (30) second pauses per map

The Final

If you are a team or player that is likely to get into the Grand Final, then you will be expected to play on stage.

EPIC.LAN will always provide monitors, computers, SSDs and some form of headphones (noise cancelling or otherwise). Participants will need to bring their own peripherals (in particular: keyboard, mouse, mouspad, in-ear headphones with long enough cables, sound cards if needed). EPIC.LAN will reserve the right to deny the use of any equipment and/or devices if they deem it to be providing an unfair competitive advantage. A stage league operator may check any equipment at any time for the duration of your match.

It is expressly prohibited to attempt to modify any BIOS settings on EPIC.LAN Computers, any player who does this maybe disqualified from the tournament and any prize money attained will be forfeitted.


In the event of server or game failures, please contact a game admin who will advise further if needed.

- If a match is interrupted for reasons beyond the control of the Players (e.g. server or player crash), the server host will restore the round using the in-game round restore feature.
- If the issue takes place before any damage has occurred and the opponent or admin has been immediately notified, the round will be restored.
- If the issue takes place during a round and after damage has been dealt and the outcome of the round can still be determined (e.g. a single player has dropped but others remain), then the round will not be replayed or restored. The round will continue to be played and will count. Special exceptions can be made if the damage dealt was ruled insignificant e.g. accidental teammate damage dealt at the start of the round or damage dealt to the opposing side by the team that was affected by the crash.
- If the issue takes place during the round, after damage has occurred and the outcome of the round cannot be determined (e.g. due to server crash), the match will be restored to the beginning of the round.
- If the issue takes place during the round after damage has occurred and the outcome of the round is obvious (e.g. one team is saving with 10 seconds remaining), but it cannot be continued due to for example a server crash, then the round can be awarded.
- The matches will not be stopped and/or rounds will not be restored or replayed in cases where it is clearly a participant's fault (e.g. mis-buying a weapon).
- In the event of a player disconnecting during the round the round should be completed as normal. Once the round has finished and the new round begins, the host should pause the lobby in the buy/prep phase to allow the disconnected player(s) to reconnect, once players have rejoined, the team with disconnect issues should inform the other team that they are ready to continue.


New Agents

New Agents will be prohibited from play until two weeks after their initial release.


It is forbidden to cheat, exploit bugs, modify the game files and/or use any third-party application which would give an unfair advantage against the other users.

All cheats are entirely forbidden to use under any circumstance whilst playing in any EPIC.LAN event. If a user is caught to be using any cheats this will result in bans and disqualifications. The following cheats include, but are by all means not limited to:

- Aim hacks
- Speed hacks
- Wallhacks
- Radar hacks
- Hitbox manipulation
- Teleportation (any kind of teleportation, which is not possible in the game)
- The use of any bug/bugs to gain an advantage against your opponents

- software such as Nvidia Vibrance

Anything that can be viewed as a bug or exploit will be reviewed by the admin team and judged on a case-by-case basis, most exploits/bugs are being hot-fixed regularly but examples of such are as follows and are not limited to:

- Using cypher cameras on areas which allow you to see through walls
- Sitting on areas which are not supposed to be used by map design. Example: Map Exploit
- Going outside of the map boundaries. Example: teleporting with the Omen outwith the playable area of the map
- Activating Sova’s Drone the way that it spawns clipping through the wall
- Using Sova’s Arrow on areas, where they cannot be destroyed and they can spot players (Example: Fixed billboard on Split
- Bugging yourself into the doors on the Ascent map, so that you are able to see on both sides
- Spamming between Omen Phaser with ultimate to be able to see through walls
- Opening doors on Bind from outside. Example: Using Cypher’s camera from the outside to open the doors

If any player or team feels unsure on a new advantage they have found through their practice sessions, they are welcome to show this specific spot to the tournament team to review. Any player or team that does this will be treated to the strictest confidence as not to jeopardize your strategic advantage, however we can rule on whether it is a legal move. We strongly advise teams to give us plenty of time ahead of an event so we can review it in good time and make good judgement on it.

Forbidden on PC

Any third-party modifications that create an unfair advantage will result in the immediate removal of a team. These being but not limited too:

- Multihacks
- Wallhack
- Aimbot
- Coloured Models
- No Recoil
- No Flash
- Sound Changes


Coaching will be enabled on for this tournament. Teams may have 1 coach in the spectator mode that is enabled for coaches. Please note, that coaches are treated as "spectators" for this event, and will not be able to play for the team (if the coach needs to sub in) unless the coach has a participant ticket for the tournament and is registered to the roster for the event.

If you have any questions regarding coaches within the game, then please ask in the #support channel.

*These rules are subject to change due to any game-related updates that cause issues to occur in different ways. The game admins and tournament team leaders have discretion to change & update rules within reason at any stage throughout a tournament. The Admins decisions are always final.*

Last Updated: 31st January 2022

Help and Questions

Please feel free to contact the League Ops Team within the #support in the official EPIC.LAN Discord server.