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League Operations

  • Tom "(Esports) Gumpster" Gumbleton - League Ops Manager
  • George "Geo" Peters - League Ops Team Leader

Please also read the General Rules that apply to every single EPIC.LAN tournament.

TBD - A full rules page will be completed soon. Expect changes.


Signups & Restrictions

  • Signups will close on Thursday 26th October at 16:00 local time to allow for seeding and group scheduling
  • You must be aged 16+ to take part in any EPIC.LAN tournaments
  • Games will start on Friday 27th of October at 11:00 local time
  • Captains meeting will commence on Friday 27th of October at 10.30 local time


Tournament Format

The exact format will be confirmed once all teams have signed up and final numbers are known. These formats will be used as a guide for our schedules but does not garuantee any listed format is used. 



The tournament schedule will be released as soon as the matches have been seeded. Players must join the EPIC.LAN Discord server for schedule updates.


Control Hybrid Flashpoint Push Escort
Antarctic Peninsula Blizzard World New Junk City Colosseo Circuit Royal
Ilios King's Row Suravasa Esperança Dorado
Lijiang Tower Midtown   New Queen Street Shambali Monastery
Busan       Route 66

Match Format

  • The Highest seed creates the Lobby for the match
  • Lobby must be set to invite only mode
  • If cross-play, then aim assist needs to be OFF for all console players
  • Teams may only start the match once; this means the minimum number of players must be in the lobby, maps have been selected, and both teams have confirmed they are ready to begin. The host of the lobby must inform everyone when the match is due to begin.
  • All Heroes are playable
  • Teams have 15 minutes from scheduled time to be in the lobby and ready to play. If you are overrunning from your previous match, please inform the admin team immediately.

Veto Process

  • Higher seed will have the opening map pick. In the event of no seeds, the team on the left hand side of the match details page will have the opening map pick.
  • The losing team will pick the following map whilst the winning team will pick attack or defense.
  • Bo3 will be played in the following order; Control, Escort & Push
  • Bo5 will be played in the following order; Control, Hybrid, Push, Escort & Flashpoint
  • Maps may not be replayed in the same series.
  • In the event of a map being drawn, the team which picked the map will pick the following map.

Pausing & Subsitutes

  • Players can be swapped between fixtures or matches in a series
  • Players can not be swapped in a match once hero selection has begun.
  • If a remake occurs where a player needs to be subsituted in order to resolve the issue, the match must be fully remade.
  • Teams may only use the /pause command for times when tech issues or medical issues occur.
  • Teams have only got 10 minutes of pause time in total during a match series. This is a combined time, you can pause many times but it must not eclipse the total of 10minutes.
  • The team that initiated the pause must inform their opponents of why the pause has been called.
  • Before unpausing, both teams should agree they are ready to go again.

Tie-Breaker Situations

Tie-Break situations may arise in the group stages when 2 or more teams are on the same level of points. In this scenario, there will be a process we will follow to determine which teams will navigate out of the groups. This will be done in the following ways across all our esport titles at EPIC.LAN:

  • Head-To-Head
  • Round Difference
  • Rounds For (if RD is exactly the same)

If the two or more teams are still tied, then the following formula will be applied.

Did the team beat the bottom team in the group? If yes, by what score? If the score is the same against the bottom side in the group, then the admins will strip away that result and go through the other results using points 2 and 3 above to compare the sides.

If the teams are still tied after that (in a very rare scenario would that happen), then we will determine the team to go through by playing either a full map of a certain game or a variety of overtime rules that each game can apply. So for example, if it's a CS tie breaker needed, then the two teams would veto and play overtime on that particular map. Whoever wins proceeds to the elimination bracket in their place.


Players will need to submit this form to ask for specific permission to stream from the event. 

Streaming is a key part of our events and our participants' / teams' own content and is something that we wish to encourage, however it's also important that any streams of our esports tournament do not compromise the competitive integrity of the event and also, in the case of some titles, match the standards required by those publishers. 

Note that application for stream permission is intended only for those participating at the event streaming their own perspectives, we do not grant lobby access to spectators who are not at the event. 

In certain cases we may offer increased bandwidth for streams, but this is not guaranteed. 

We also ask that those granted permission to stream share some basic viewership figures with us after the event, these figures will be held confidentially and amalgamated as part of the overall event evaluation which will help existing and future partnership discussions, which in turn will help raise the quality and potential prize pools for the event. Your personal viewing statistics will never be shared. 

Subject to the title being streamed (e.g. BEACON VALORANT for EPIC38) you may be required to use specified graphics packages for the duration of the event. 

If you use the EPIC.LAN logo as part of your coverage, you should follow the guidelines set at https://www.epiclan.co.uk/brand

Note that permission to stream does not imply any sort of official affiliation or coverage partnership with the event. 

You may not stream your games if you are currently featured on the EPIC.LAN main streams. 

Cheating & Game Bugs

Blah Blah

Screenshots & Match Recordings

Teams should always take screenshots of scores at the end of each map. This is to help whenever scores are conflicted and the admins need to see proof of who won and who lost. Any evidence that suggests tampering, will result in an instant disqualification from the tournament. 

If you are reporting exploitations or cheating, then a video maybe neccessary to help provide context so please record your games to help provide this evidence to the admin team.

The Final & Match Coverage

During the Final, teams will be assigned their respective referee to administrate team communication during tech pauses and coach communication outside of tactical pauses.

Teams must abide by any change in playing environment (moving to a stage setting) and any regulations associated for tournament Finals.


Please feel free to contact the League Ops Team within the #support in the official EPIC.LAN Discord server.

*These rules are subject to change due to any game-related updates that cause issues to occur in different ways. The game admins and tournament team leaders have discretion to change & update rules within reason at any stage throughout a tournament. The Admins decisions are always final.*

Last Updated: 13th of October 2023