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  • Aston "Aston" Hollingsworth

Please also read the General Rules that apply to every single EPIC.LAN tournament.

TBD - A full rules page will be completed soon. Expect changes.


Signups & Restrictions

  • Signups will close on Thursday 26th October
  • You must be aged 16+ to take part in any EPIC.LAN tournaments

Tournament Format

The exact format will be confirmed once all teams have signed up and final numbers are known. These formats will be used as a guide for our schedules but does not garuantee any listed format is used. 


      1. Teams

        1. This will only be played in teams of 2 (CPU will not count)

        2. Substitutions and team changes are subject to the TOs

        3. People can not be part of more than one team

      2. Game Rules

        1. Games up until the Finals will be bo3

        2. Finals will be bo5

      3. Prohibited Behaviour

        1. No Intentional pushing, shoving or anything disruptive to the other team whilst playing

        2. The TO can class other behaviour as disruptive if need be

        3. Punishments will be decided by the TO

      4. Late penalty

        1. If a team is late by 10 minutes they are disqualified


The tournament schedule will be released as soon as the matches have been seeded. Players must join the EPIC.LAN Discord server for schedule updates.



Please feel free to contact the Community within the #support in the official EPIC.LAN Discord server.

*These rules are subject to change due to any game-related updates that cause issues to occur in different ways. The game admins and tournament team leaders have discretion to change & update rules within reason at any stage throughout a tournament. The Admins decisions are always final.*